Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Sea Speak Storytelling - "Gratitude"

We will meet, as usual, on the 3rd Thursday of the month 21st September 2017
7pm-9pm at McNeil's Pub (the snug by the fireplace)
Main St. Howth (across the street from the Church)

As serendipity would have it, we re-meet on World Gratitude Day, which seems just perfect to us. We would just love to fill the world with LOVE and POSITIVITY. Let's send out words of healing and power, like waves across the oceans!

Gratitude will be the theme for Septembers Session.
Come along and Share Your Stories!
Traditional Storytelling is, of course, our main focus, but listening to the Sea Speak, we also love to have our ears filled with Readings of New Pieces and Poetry.

So, come, share your Words and Listen to Others!
Open Door - Open Mic - All WELCOME, New and Old.
Tell a Friend and Hope to See You There!
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Sea Speak Storytelling - October Session

Sea Speak Storytelling - October Session
"The Ghosts in our Trees"

Thursday 20th October from 8pm-10pm at McNeil's Pub on Main St. in Howth. 
Hosted by Storyteller Daria Marie Walsh

 As the night closes in and Autumn reaches it's end, we prepare for Samhain, Hallowe'en, and the coming of Winter. We meet to share the Stories of the eerie the Gothic Forest and what lurks there.

Free-In and Open Mic, we hope you'll join us and bring your Stories for sharing and ears for Listening. You are all very welcome to come and bring a friend and make some new ones.

Find McNeil's Pub on Main Street Howth by:
DART, Bus, Foot - or a combination of all three.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Sea Speak Storytelling brings you
 "Sunshine Stories"
Mondays at 11am at Insomnia Howth
November is Picture Book Month
We'll be having fun exploring the role of Picture Books in Storytelling;
 starting with this Monday 2nd October.
Halloween Stories to Tell and Draw!
Hope to see you there.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Samhain Storytelling Abound!

Join Storyteller Daria Marie Walsh
this week at DLR Libraries for
Samhain Stories and The Children's Books Festival Ireland

Thursday 29th October
at 11:30am at The Lexicon
at 3:30pm at Shankill Library

Daria, the Storytelling Witch, 
will fly on the four winds this Friday and enter the hallowed halls of the, known to be haunted,
No. 29 Georgian House Museum!

Come along,  if you dare, to share in this Halloween tradition.
Be sure to dress in costume too.
~Friday 30th October at 2:00pm~

Come along and hear the Redheaded Storyteller Witch spin spooky yarns in The Lexicon!

'Tis the Telling Season and I'll be spinning spooky yarns in Shankill Library.

Come here me Tell Tales in a place known to be inhabited by ghosts, the hauntingly wonderful setting of No. 29 Georgian House Museum. Booking is highly recommended.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Welcome Autumn!

Welcome Autumn!

Sumptious colours
Crunching textures under feet
Stories, Songs and Poems hanging in the air
Deep meditations to far away places anywhere
Delicious smell of death
traveling on gentle breezes
.......and everything a musky shade of ORANGE.

By: Daria Marie Walsh 
(C) October 2015

Friday, October 17, 2014


Hello Blog! Hello Blogosphere!

The long Summer lead me to a long absence from this place. 
Now, rooted in the deep seeded Autumn I return. 

Maybe there will be words of my Summer adventures 
or words of my Autumn journeys in the deep places where Winter awaits. 

Maybe there will just a photographs and words that work together, 
complimenting and contradicting each other to bring out each others best.

Maybe I will just reflect and share, as is the essence of the Autumn/Winter season.

I am back, whatever that holds, and I look forward to interacting with everyone who has stopped by here before and hopes to meeting new people along the journey.

..........sinking deep into the Autumn.......

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prawn Tales ~ Storytelling Festival IS TODAY!

There is a fantastic buzz in the house this morning as we prepare to put on 
Prawn Tales Storytelling Festival.
It will be one whole day of Stories with something for everyone!

Sea Speak Junior Storytelling Club for Kids is doing
Shrimps at 2-3pm at The Little Shop of Books on Harbour Road, Howth

Join us in Fishing for Stories from 4ish-5ish
all around the Pier, where the fish are you'll find the Storytellers 
Try to catch a Story!

Sea Speak Storytelling is dishing up
King Prawns from 7:30-9:30pm up at Kruger's Pub, Main St.
(across from the Church) Howth

Butterflies stirred and fluttered last week when I opened up the 
Official Dublin Bay Prawn Festival Brochure 
only to find our contribution with full listings for 
The Sea Speak Projects Prawn Tales Storytelling Festival!!!
A broad smile came over my face that was impossible to erase!

Even our little Lorcan the Lamb is on board.......