Saturday, July 13, 2019

Journey of Illumination, Ascension

The Summer Solstice Sun now in full ascension, is casting its long shadow upon the Sea. It reaches, like an out stretched arm to the shore, touching the ragged rocks that support the East Pier. "I am here." A salmon halo illuminates her flushed rays. As Mother Moon guided and greeted Sister Sun, gently moving as Dancers do South down, East up and both gently Westward.

Journey of Illumination, Silence

To sit quietly with nature is to purposefully reconnection with the soul. To be silent is to allow the beauty of nature in, without distraction from self. It is to hear only the sounds Nature herself is making. It is to listen with openness to Nature. It is to allow oneself to hear, fully and on a cellular level, the message Nature is communicating. The Sun now fully above the horizon is casting a strong shadow upon the Sea, creating an optical repeat of its self, a molten sphere - "The dripping Sun".

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Journey of Illumination, the Rising of the Sun, Summer Solstice

Having walked the Harbour Road to the East Pier I arrived at the edge of Balscadden Bay just as the Sun rose fully above the horizon. I felt my breath pause in suspense and having taken in the beauty of the moment for myself I quickly assembled my camera to capture the moment. To me Photography is to capture a singular moment in time, unfettered, unchanged, unedited, glorious in its raw beauty. I am a lover and practitioner of pure photography, for the Art of Light and Moment is a singular beauty all to itself. This is that moment, the moment in the longest day when the Sun shone her beauty fully upon the horizon for the first time.

Journey of Illumination, Pilgrim steps of Summer Solstice Camino

I crossed the road from my house and turning east I walked like a Pilgrim starting a Camino. There was nothing but me and the Mother Nature, my ears were filled with the symphony of birds, bees and gentle lapping of the sea. My eyes took in the gentle beauty of a Dawn walk in Howth and as I looked forward I witnessed the Suns readiness to break through the Dawn to Day. Between and behind the rising masts of the moored sail boats lay a sky of orange, pink, lavender, salmon with breaks of soft yellow. For just one moment I stopped to take the photograph of the moment layed out before me. I breathed deeply the crisp, fresh, fragrant summer morning air. The dew soaking in through my shoes was evaporating and lifting as it did so. I could feel its gentle kiss on my skin. I closed my eyes to listening more clearly to the sound morning makes, to the things it was telling me, the secrets it was sharing. One deep breath, one soul ready for Pilgrimage.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Journey of Illumination, Summer Solstice

I am a Storyteller, a worker of words in the Oral Tradition, a Listener, a Teller, a Re-teller. I am a Storyteller in every capacity of artwork I undertake, be that Photography, Writing Poetry or Prose or any endeavor of Narrative, Visual or Performance Art. I am a Storyteller by the sea and these are my Stories.

I woke at Dawn on the morning of Summer Solstice, like a Butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Leaving my home and crossing Harbour Road to the pier-side I turned to see Mother Moon brightly guiding Sister Sun to her rising point at the horizon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Sea Speak Storytelling - "Gratitude"

We will meet, as usual, on the 3rd Thursday of the month 21st September 2017
7pm-9pm at McNeil's Pub (the snug by the fireplace)
Main St. Howth (across the street from the Church)

As serendipity would have it, we re-meet on World Gratitude Day, which seems just perfect to us. We would just love to fill the world with LOVE and POSITIVITY. Let's send out words of healing and power, like waves across the oceans!

Gratitude will be the theme for Septembers Session.
Come along and Share Your Stories!
Traditional Storytelling is, of course, our main focus, but listening to the Sea Speak, we also love to have our ears filled with Readings of New Pieces and Poetry.

So, come, share your Words and Listen to Others!
Open Door - Open Mic - All WELCOME, New and Old.
Tell a Friend and Hope to See You There!
Visit our Sea Speak Storytelling FaceBook Page at 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sea Speak Storytelling - October Session

Sea Speak Storytelling - October Session
"The Ghosts in our Trees"

Thursday 20th October from 8pm-10pm at McNeil's Pub on Main St. in Howth. 
Hosted by Storyteller Daria Marie Walsh

 As the night closes in and Autumn reaches it's end, we prepare for Samhain, Hallowe'en, and the coming of Winter. We meet to share the Stories of the eerie the Gothic Forest and what lurks there.

Free-In and Open Mic, we hope you'll join us and bring your Stories for sharing and ears for Listening. You are all very welcome to come and bring a friend and make some new ones.

Find McNeil's Pub on Main Street Howth by:
DART, Bus, Foot - or a combination of all three.