Sunday, September 11, 2011

“Some weekends are just harder than others”

“Some weekends are just harder than others”

Please send your thoughts, prayers and good wishes to the People of Northeastern Pennsylvania, who are suffering through a traumatic weekend!!! They are currently dealing with Disastrous Flooding, nearly 40 years after one of the U.S.'s worst natural disasters, The Agnes Flood of '72. This was always going to be a difficult weekend anyway because of the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks.

Because of the proximately to N.Y.C., the people of NEPA were terribly and deeply affected by 9/11. People lost family and friends when the Towers collapsed. Family and Friends who were lucky enough to survive, now live with the scars of the days, weeks and months that followed. Most people were directly affected themselves or family or friends directly involved. If you were one of the lucky not to be, it was the knowledge of the City that got you.

It's a quick 2-1/2 hour drive from my hometown of Wilkes-Barre, PA to N.Y.C. So, it's all those years of Class trips to the Museums, Statue of Liberty, etc. The family trips and day trips to see family, friends or just hang out, take in a Broadway show, hang out in The Village, head Uptown for some great food and clubs. Whatever your fancy, from a young age there was a constant and strong connection that was built over years.

For Northeastern Pennsylvanians, this weekend is trying at best and we won't even go into the "at worst". Dealing with the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks as well as Disastrous Flooding and the very raw memories for those who lived through The Agnes Flood of '72 have all been brought back. I'm not sure if I can adequately explain how this level of trauma feels to people and exactly how difficult this weekend is turning out to be for most. I do hope I'm at least scratching the surface.

Additionally, over the past tens years NEPA has seen an influx of two new groups of people, for which this will be equally difficult. 1st - the many New Yorkers who moved out of The City to the Pennsylvania Burbs after 9/11 and those who were Relocated to NEPA following Hurricane Katrina. They will find though, that they are now living in amongst strong people in a strong community that TRULY take care of each other in a way in which I have NEVER seen in all my travels, in all my life!!!

My wish is that anyone who reads my story will attempt to understand the trauma of this weekend, and will PLEASE send thought, prayers, vibes, whatever and however you think or pray please make a Positive Effort for Northeastern Pennsylvanians this weekend. THANK YOU!

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