Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Exchanging champagne for coffee and tea in a pink limousine"

If I go missing after next Thursday, you might begin your search by looking in pink stretch limousines.

The Girls from my Writer's Group, in protest at the news this week that our Writer's Group will be coming to an end for this school year, have notified me that they will be kidnapping me in order to continue Writer's Group; so wonderful has been their experience. Am I alarmed? Absolutely NOT. In fact, this is not the first mention of a kidnapping. The scheme was first hatched at the ending of our first six weeks together. Luckily, my contract was renewed and our Writer's Group extended. The kidnapping scheme have evolved from it's first, near miss of a necessity. It began with a simple car filled with cozy blankets and pillows, evolving with each threat of an end to Writer's Group. Next I was upgraded to a caravan.

After being with my Girls since October of 2013, they have graciously upgraded me to fantastic captivity, in extra Girly Writers Style. I have been promised a "very non-scary capture", followed by luxury captivity in an extra long, pink, stretch limousine, with sparkles on the sides. Towards the back a cozy sleeping area with lots of blankets and pillows, with one girl even offering her One Direction blanket; which any of you will surely know is a treasured and extra warm commodity. One wall will house a multitude of books and all the notebooks/journals and pencils and pens in all colours (including sparkly ones) that I could ever need. I will have at my disposal, I am informed, any food I want. I was told I would have a grand supply of champagne as well. However, after I thanked the girls for the offer of champagne, I did have to ask if I could please make an exchange of the champagne for a supply of coffee and teas - as champagne can make you "a bit loopy and so not really the best for writing". The girls agree saying, "ah, yes, good point"! I am informed that my Husband can come and stay with me, because the girls "don't want me to be sad for missing him."

As I prepare myself for the last meeting of The Writer's Group this school year I would be lying if I did not mention how truly sad I am at the ending of this project. But, as I told the girls last week when the bad news was revealed, "don't be sad because it's over, be happy because we had the chance to do all of this." I am sad, but I am far more happy. Happy that I was given this opportunity. It's not every Writer that gets to do this. Happy that I had the chance to work at such an incredible school and with such dedicated and talented Staff. Happy that I made new friends. Happy that I learned so very, very much during this experience. Happy that I had the opportunity to work with such AMAZING GIRLS!! Happy that I was invited into the classrooms to Teach. Just face-breaking-smile HAPPY! Because, when good things happen, you have to embrace them and cherish them and be happy while they last.

Exciting new things are already in the pipeline and will no doubt keep my mind occupied and hands busy. Only two weeks after finishing up Writer's Group I will be Launching Sea Speak Storytelling's first ever Storytelling Festival. It will be one, wonderful day full of Stories for all ages! Other projects are inked into my Diary for the next few months, including (as a teaser) my return to The Irish Redhead Convention 2014 in August.

So, it's a busy spring/summer I've ahead of me. It's only a good thing that I'll be writing and planning out of the comforts of my, soon to be, captivity in that sparkly stretch pink limousine......sipping coffee, of course!

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