Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Agnes Flood Anniversary Project

The 40th Anniversary of The Agnes Flood is approaching. I am supporting The Agnes Flood Anniversary Project. They have a FaceBook Page. I think it is a worthy and very important project. It carves a very distinct link between Photography and Storytelling, and not just in the obvious Journalistic sense.

Please check out the page on FaceBook at:!/agnes72

The Agnes Flood of 1972 remains one of the worst Natural Disasters to have ever struck the United States, and was described in 1972 was THE WORST NATURAL DISASTER to have ever struck the U.S. Wilkes-Barre, PA is my Hometown and Kingston [just across the Susquehanna River] is where I was living at the time. Kingston was my Father's hometown. Kingston and Wilkes-Barre bore the brunt of this tragedy. But the outstanding Community Spirit and the way in which the people of The Wyoming Valley handled this devastation is what earned them it's name of "The Valley with a Heart".

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