Friday, February 4, 2011

"7 Years"

"7 Years"

So, we've just celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary...
So, we've managed to not get hurled off the Roller Coaster...
Oh sure, there's been some puking and cries to "stop this bloody feckin' thing"...
But, so far we've managed to stay in our seats, ups, downs, upside down and sideways, we've held on tight...

And in the end, doesn't it always come down to the numbers???

7 Years
3 Angel Babies: Brighid Katherine, Séamus Pádraig, and Saoirse Aurora
2 Published Books
1 Kindle E-Book
4 Photographic Exhibitions
1 Photographic Collection in Permanant Gallery Collection
7 Childrens Books Festivals
3 Counties [lived in]: Cork, Kildare, and Dublin
13 Festivals
~Countless Comedy Gigs, Poetry Readings, Storytelling Sessions and Arts Events
~Countless Tears
~Countless Giggles
~Dizzing Highs, Disturbing Lows and quiet calm peaceful days of Contented Quietness...

It can all be counted in numbers...

All of these, but so much more, make up the equation of our lives so far...

(above) = Daria + Paul = 1

[by Daria Marie Walsh, 01/02/11 (C) for my beloved Paul on our Anniversary]

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