Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Passion for Storytelling, and THAT Article

I entered into the creation of my 'Idea-baby' with sheer delight! So, intense is my passion for Storytelling that I believed intrinsically that my Storytelling Project, to be named The Sea Speak Project, could and would flourish here in Howth. I set out at the beginning of 2013, January to be exact, to make it happen. I decided I would start with a two-part Storytelling approach, one for adults and one for children. And so, we began with Sea Speak Storytelling and Sea Speak Junior Storytelling Club for Kids. Each would be different from each other and cater to the appropriate ages involved.

12 months later and with many successful Storytelling Sessions under the Sea Speak Belt we find ourselves entering December 2013. This finds us preparing our last shows of the year, nearly delusional with the amazement that I had managed to succeed in my goal. That's down to Passion! That's down to determination! That's down to really good people believing in me as much as I believe in the power and magic of Storytelling! Wonderful people got on-board our Story-train to give homes to Sea Speak Storytelling and Sea Speak Junior Storytelling Club for Kids, incredibly talented Storytellers came along to, very generously, lend us their words, their time, their talents, their Stories, fantastic Listeners came along to both sessions and listened and made the Stories come alive by giving them ears to live in, and interested people paid attention and took part giving Stories at Open Mic and Building new Stories along the way.

One person, who joined us in October and November, Christine Ryan, gave us a brilliant gift. She came, she listened, she believed. Then, she turned her wonderfully talented writing skills to our project and gave us a wonderfully warm, descriptive and enthusiastic Review. Our first official Review and nothing more could I possibly want. Christine totally "gets it"!! I mean, really gets it; and not just gets it, but put it into words so that other could 'get it' too. Christine, THANK YOU, such a wonderful gift you gave with your pen! Christine, You are now as intricate a part of The Sea Speak Project as any of it's moving parts!

Here is that wonderful Review, as printed in "The Upside" Magazine:

......and now we enter 2014 and we find ourselves preparing for The Sea Speak Project's 1st Birthday Party and all the it will evolve into in 2014!

We do so hope you will join us for Stories this year and become new Sea Speakers too!

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