Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here we are in the wee beginnings of 2014. Everything is small and new and fresh. 
But beware, the time will continue to tick-tock endlessly, relentlessly even. 
There is not a moment to waste, for time is a precious and fleeting gift; a gift to be treasured and cherished, each moment to be savored. 

2014 see's my desire to revive my Blog from its sleep state. 
I begin, where we start, The Timepiece.
"May 2014 bring you seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks filled with wonderful words! May you have Stories, Poems and brilliant words to light you through all your days like a beacon of warm light guiding you to the next line of your life" - Daria Marie Walsh

The Pocket-watch pictured was my Christmas gift to my Husband. It’s something he has wanted to some time now, but I never found the right one. I didn’t plan on this for him this year, and yet there it was behind the glass case waiting for me to notice. It was perfect, not too fancy for flashy, as that’s not his taste or style at all. Hand engraved cover and classic design were what I had always pictured when he spoke of his wanting. This piece, sitting quietly on the glass shelf, behind the glass door was the perfect fit for my darling. And isn’t that really all that a gift should be? A something special someone desire’s, that reflects a piece of that person, spotted almost by accident by the giver and filling the giver with a special stirring of glee knowing it will be loved and appreciated just as they love and appreciate the person to whom it is going?

As Midnight struck turning 2013 into 2014 with its magical hand we danced, just as we always do. We toasted to new possibilities. I went outside and banged my pots and pans screaming “Happy New Year”, just as I’ve done every year since being a child, sharing greetings with neighbours and passers-by. Upon reentering the house, there is was ticking and tocking in the seconds and minutes of the New Year. Just over 10 had passed already! I quickly noted and photographed. Time is fleeting, as is life. We must be vigilant not to waste a precious drop of this elixir!

By Daria Marie Walsh

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