Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pour a cup of Friendship

I ventured out for my walk this afternoon and headed down to the strand. Walking towards the beach I ran into an older gentleman and his lively dog, who kindly let me know that the tide was coming in so to "mind yourself" as he patted me on the shoulder. It was coming in, but there was still scope for a short beach walk.

Being the only person on the beach can be an incredibly moving experience, particularly when you have a day such as today. The sea was remarkably calm, considering the recent events. I took in the solitude. I welcomed the calm relaxation the sea offered me. The Winter sky cast haunting colours upon the sea, soft winter blues and pinks left remnant hues like ghosts. One lone mackerel fishing vessel lingered in the still water, not daring to disturb the silence. A small gathering of gulls and other birds drifting softly in the gentle waters. I stood, breathing and listening to the hypnotic lapping of the sea, finding myself breathing symbiotically with it. Evening and high tide were fast approaching and with it rapid, visible changes. Pinks and blues shifting in the sky and reflecting on the waters, the horizon nearly disappearing as the sea and sky became one, the heavily pregnant sea waters growing deeper as the tide reached further in with each lap. Off in the distance, a fishing vessel is making it's way out to sea, disappearing into the non existent horizon. I am now in a state of complete calm, my mind making Poetry of it all.

The glass sea, the hushed tones, the gentle rolling tides that fall like dominoes, the deep, deep breaths....

I walk back to my home, happy residing in my head. So much in my head that I do not see my friend calling for me from across the road. A mad wave, friendly smile and "hello" awakens me from my daydream. It is my friend Anne. I am so happy to see her and we laugh loudly at my 'absent' state. A quick chat and we are off for a cuppa and a chat. She has a delicious smelling coffee and blueberry muffin and I a chamomile and lemon tea and apple cake (I've already had two cups today and it's late, as much as I love coffee if I were to indulge in a cup, which will no doubt become two, I'll never sleep tonight!). We talk and laugh and eat and drink and, yes, our cuppa does turn into two. We share stories and I am so happy to have a friend like Anne!

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