Friday, January 3, 2014

An Open Letter on Sea Speak Junior

On concluding our first full year of Stories, I enclose an Open Letter regarding Sea Speak Junior.
One half of The Sea Speak Project, Sea Speak Junior is a Storytelling project/session just for kids.
I adore Storytelling to the children and their parents and other 'children at heart' adults who come along. It is great teaching the children to build their own stories and seeing where they go as a group. 2013 has been such a wonderful experience in Storytelling and Sea Speak Junior is a major part of that. I am delighted that we managed to make it a whole year and am planning and looking forward to a 2014-in-Stories!
Myself Storytelling at Sea Speak Junior alongside Lorcan the Lamb and Rosie Bunny:

"An Open Letter"

Dear Sea Speakers,

Thank You for a magical year! I can hardly believe today was so wonderful, nor that we have just wound up our very first full year of Storytelling!

We must THANK Anne for Hosting us at The Little Shop of Books, providing such comfy blankets and cushions for you all to curl up in, sweets and Storytelling prizes, and most of all for giving us the Space and encouragement to Share, Build and Tell our Stories this year and to BE Sea Speak Junior.

Thank you to all my Sea Speakers! You are all fantastic and talented Junior Storytellers. It's been a real pleasure working with all of you and getting to know you and hear your Stories over this past year.

And, we must Thank all the wonderful, Story-loving Parents, who brought the Sea Speakers each month and join us on the Story-train.

Oh my, we nearly forgot to thank Lorcan!!!!
Heavens NO. Well, thank you very much Mr. Lorcan the Lamb for joining us each month for Storytelling. Don't forget to visit his FB Page. Lorcan loves LIKES.

Well, until 2014, this is Sea Speak Junior signing out.

Stay tuned to our FaceBook Page, spread the news and help us get more LIKES and be sure to check this channel for more wonderful Storytelling News over the Christmas Holidays.

Yours in Storyloving,

Daria Marie Walsh

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