Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Mystery of The Lost Wheels (Nancy Drew style)

I learned something today, I need 'stretch' time. I need fresh air, fresh sea air, any air! I need good walks, good chats, good mysteries, you know the kind you only come across by sheer accident. I need my Photography, as in I really do require snapping at least a few shots a day; and of course I need to write and all the above helps me to do that.

How did I come to such a revelation you may ask? 
Simple. I did NOT do some of the above, and was not entirely impressed with the items I did manage. 

This has happened to us all. The bad nights sleep, the getting up much later than you wanted to, and in the middle of a nightmarish dream at that, followed by an off-putting feeling that copious amounts of coffee just can't fix. And that is how it all started, and proceeded downhill from there. 
Downhill, hits rocks and falling off ledges, downhill. 

And here I sit at 7pm, still in my PJ.jammies, feeling like a megaton of anxiety. No walk, no photography and let's just say the stuff I wrote today will not go down as my best work. I might as well add a helping of housework-guilt to this heaping mess of a day. I got very little done. I'll be honest. I put a load of laundry in and forgot about it! Yes, it's been a stellar day for me.

I lost my wheels! I did, and the stabilizers too. Those wheels fuel me, give me wings and motion and rock out the ideas that come from new experiences and chance encounters. They make my mind solve bizarre mysterious I come across in the course of my day. I won't be forgettin' my wheels tomorrow!

I snapped this photo on a better day. 
The Mystery of The Lost Wheels (Nancy Drew style).

One good thing did happen though, I have a New Follower on my Blog....YAY!!!
It seems that whilst neither I, nor the bike, have our wheels, I've got a New Stabilizer : )

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