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An Open Letter on Sea Speak Storytelling

On a very chilly January night in 2013 we, Brendan Nolan, Daria Marie Walsh (Idea-Master and Founder of The Sea Speak Project), Paul H. Tubb, The Oh-Aissieux and Catherine Brophy, came together to LAUNCH Sea Speak Storytelling. And Launch we did!!!

I managed to keep my Storytelling Dream alive for an entire year!

Reflecting upon Sea Speak's 1st year, and making plans for it's 2nd year, I composed this "Open Letter" and posted it on the Sea Speak FaceBook Page for followers to view. Here it is for Blog-followers to read.

I would like to extend a warm INVITATION to ALL to Join Us for Sea Speak Storytelling. We meet the 3rd Thursday of January each month at Kruger's Pub on Main Street in Howth, County Dublin.

"An Open Letter on Sea Speak Storytelling"

Dear Sea Speakers,

It’s New Year’s Eve and time to usher out the old and welcome in the new. It’s time to reflect on 2013 and with that in mind I would like to take this opportunity to say, “THANK YOU”, for a wonderful year of Stories. I can hardly believe we made it, Sea Speak Storytelling lived a full year of Stories! We shared an entire 2013 of Storytelling together, and all the magical moments that Stories create. 

We must THANK Joe for Hosting us at Kruger's Pub; that wonderful space by the fireplace and bookshelf that just cries of sharing Stories. Kruger’s Pub is a place where the Stories run free, the perfect space for spinning yarns, making friends and sharing the magic of Stories. We are very grateful to Joe for giving us this space and allowing us each month to grow our Community Arts project.

THANK YOU to all our incredibly talented and generous Guest and Featured Storytellers this year!! “Thank You” to the wonderful Storytellers who helped us Launch Sea Speak Storytelling that first night in January, Brendan Nolan, Catherine Brophy, The Oh-Aissieux and Paul H. Tubb. You all generously brought your own unique styles and wonderful words to help Launch us and you made the night simply magical! “Thank You” to all our Guest and Featured Storytellers this year – Joe Govan, Brendan Nolan, Fiona Dowling, Gemma McGowan, Sara-Marie Reinke-Wilson, Paul H. Tubb, Francis Devine and Santa’s and Snowmen. Each and every one of our Guest and Featured Storytellers gave generously of their time and words to help make Sea Speak Storytelling truly special. Thank you to all the fellow Storytellers who have been so generous to me with their time, their words and their advice. It is truly appreciated. 

A big “Thank You” also goes to all our Sea Speak Listeners. “If a Story is told and no one listens to it; is it still a Story?” We would be nowhere without your ears! “Thank You”, to everyone who contributed in the Open Mic. Please come and share again in 2014. We thoroughly enjoyed all your Stories and Poems. And a big “Thank You” to the Kruger’s regulars for all your support!! We’ll get you down off your stools to share some of those FANTASTIC Stories yet!!

Oh my, we nearly forgot to thank Lorcan!!!!
Heavens NO. Well, thank you very much Mr. Lorcan the Lamb for joining us and inspiring us.
Don't forget to visit his FB Page. Lorcan loves LIKES.

We have Listened and Told and Shared and Laughed and Cried. Stories are MAGIC. Stories are our culture and our tradition. Stories are our PASSION. Thank you for helping us in our first year, we hope you’ll continue to join us in our second year.

Well, until 2014, this is Sea Speak Storytelling signing out.

Stay tuned to our FaceBook Page, spread the news and help us get more LIKES and be sure to check this channel for more wonderful Storytelling News.

Yours in Storytelling,

Daria Marie Walsh

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