Monday, January 13, 2014

"Lorcan the Lamb on Belleek"

Who would have imagined such a thing? 
But there it was Christmas morning, the gift I could have never imagined. 

My Husband was nearly at bursting point by the time Christmas morning arrived. He handed me a large package, his hands shaking with excitement. I tore open the beautiful wrapping to see that trademark dark green Belleek box, with Belleek scripted in white. I took a deep breathe wondering what beautiful piece awaited my eyes. There is nothing in the world that could have prepared me for what I was about to see.

I opened the lid, very carefully pulling back the layers of tissue paper to reveal a classic patterned Belleek plate. What brought me to tears was what lay between the shamrocks. My creation Lorcan the Lamb, the main character in my Stories, brought to life in the Illustration of my Husbands talented hand, alongside a quote from my Stories which sums up Lorcan's philosophy so perfectly. 

There is something amount a gift like this that takes you to new places inside your heart. My creation Lorcan the Lamb, as interpreted, perfectly, in Illustration by my Husband, using one of my favourite quotes from my Story all on a Belleek plate, incorporating another Art I love. I collect Belleek, I adore the artwork. To find three pieces of original, handcrafted arts entwined together like a thick fruit bearing vine demanded the only response possible......a long stream of tears. Tears of joy, tears of the beauty of the gift, of all the work and thoughtfulness that my Husband had put into this beautiful piece. It will forever be something beyond precious to me.

Here it is. I thought it would be cruel not to share. 
I doubt you'll love it the way I do, how could you. But I hope you can see, at least a small glimpse, of what it means to me.

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